Vaccines and Immunotherapies

In cooperation with several internal and external partners we are developing vaccines against various infectious diseases. These currently include a mucosal vaccine against influenza and a subunit vaccine against African swine fever (ASF) virus. For ASF we employ systems immunology approaches to understand protective immunity and identify mechanisms and correlates of protection.

We are also translating the concept of “trained immunity” to the development of immunostimulants for use in young animals to enhance unspecific resistance to infectious diseases.


  • SNF Grant number IZCOZO_189903. Harnessing interferon-lambda as a mucosal adjuvant of the respiratory tract in pigs.
  • Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office, Grant 1.20.01. Harnessing trained immunity to enhance resistance of piglets against infections.
  • EUROSTARS E!114258 ASF-INNOVAC. Challenging African swine fever outbreaks with innovative VLP-based vaccines.
  • • EU H2020. ASFIVIP. Understanding performance characteristics of live attenuated vaccines for the prevention and control of African swine fever in wild boars and domestic pigs.