Root number: 102044
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Artur Summerfield
Prof. Dr. Salomé Leibundgut (Link Uni ZH)
PD Dr. Giuseppe Bertoni
Schedule:  22.10.2018 - 22.12.2018 / 18.2.2019 - 31.5.2019
eLearning program: Vetsuisse Immunology:
In this lecture series, teachers from both Vetsuisse sites present specific topics in immunology. The lectures will be transmitted to the respective audience via tele-teaching. Contact persons for the students are the lecturers on site.

Teaching aids:
- Handouts of all lectures will be available (as pdf file) at this site.

- Main textbook
  Abbas A.K., Lichtman A.H., Pillai S.: Basic Immunology, 4th ed., Elsevier, 2012. (Link)
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- Additional reading:
Tizard I.R., Veterinary Immunology, 9th ed., Elsevier, 2013